Sutradhar opened on Children’s day, November 14, 1995. Like the narrator in traditional theatre who knits the story together, Sutradhar showcases the most vibrant resources in education that enrich the teaching-learning experience. These include learning materials, interactive ways of teaching, as well as relevant knowledge. Educators in different corners of India generate resources that remain scattered. Sutradhar brings these together and promotes them, so that a larger community of teachers and children can benefit from them. Over the years, Sutradhar has brought together artists and storytellers, teachers and learners, books and toys, to weave colour and texture into the educational experience.

Focus on early childhood

Sutradhar has a special focus on the first 8 years in a child's life, a crucial stage in human development. While there are many organisations and advocates working to improve primary and high school education, early childhood care and development is a neglected area.

There are just a handful of resource agencies in the country applying themselves to this interdisciplinary field, which intersects child development, education, disability and health.

Whom we serve

Sutradhar does not work directly with children, but with caregivers and teachers, because we believe they have the potential to influence many more children. As a non-profit organisation we have developed educational solutions in response to the needs of marginalised children – including children with special needs and learners in government schools and anganwadis.