Sutradhar refines and designs teaching aids to meet specific needs. Some teaching aids have been developed to address obvious lacunae in the range – such as recreational maths, special education, and materials with an Indian feel.

Sutradhar also puts together kits that are more comprehensive and help address niche needs. The kits include materials that are readily available, materials that are adapted, as well as some that are specially fabricated. They come with a guide so that teachers can use them more effectively.

Early learning

Early learning kit
First steps: a developmental kit from birth-3 years
Play materials with an Indian context

Primary education

Karuna kit
Mathematics kit
Recreational math materials

Special education

Infant assessment kit
Idea box
Materials for special needs

These kits are only suggestive. Sutradhar can customise a kit to fit your budget and needs. Sutradhar can also help if you would like to donate a kit to a group.
For information on kits available for sale, please see catalogue.