First steps: a kit from birth-3 years, 2007

Brain science tells us that a young child’s brain is neuroplastic, forging millions of synapses in the first three years. Providing appropriate stimulation in these years can make a significant difference. First steps has a selection of 40 developmentally appropriate resources for children from birth to 3 years.

First step

The materials have been graded for use across the three years keeping size, safety and sturdiness in mind. There https://www.yourcanadianmeds.com/ are sensory Viagra motor manipulatives, as well as open ended play materials. The kit includes blocks and beads, puzzles and puppets, music and books. A covering note and a companion manual provide suggestions on use. The kit is designed for homes as well as institutions. Special educators can use it with children who have mild developmental delays. The kit is useful in institutional settings such as crèches and orphanages where caregivers find it difficult to provide individual attention.