APSA was founded as an NGO in 1981. With a branch in Hyderabad, it works at all three levels – local, regional and national.  As a child-centred community development organization, it works locally at the grassroots level towards enhancing the quality of life of the urban poor: slum communities and street children.  The knowledge gathered through these endeavours is used for advocacy and policy planning initiatives at the regional and national levels. APSA has a staff of 80 and is funded by Forut, Norway; and Action Aid. The National Child Labour Project (NCLP) and the ChildLine are supported by the central government.

APSA works in about 75 slums located in 24 wards of Bangalore with a focus on street children and child labour.  However, its crisis intervention centre-cum-shelter, called Nammane, caters to any child in acute distress. Every year, over 450 children stay there receiving food, shelter, counseling, legal aid, medical help for disabilities.  The center caters to street children, child labourers, runaway or abandoned children, child victims of domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, children rescued by APSA’s field staff, the police or the 24-hour toll- free hotline for children.  APSA provides emotional support and direct intervention such as medical help, shelter and repatriation; to protection from abuse and rescue. While most of the children who seek aid through the helpline are older, APSA receives about 30 children in the 0-6 year age group in a year.  These children stay here depending on legal issues involved and then are moved to Ashraya.

APSA has worked along with the Sanjivani Trust in its nutrition programme.  The programme involves the monthly distribution of nutrition powder and growth and weight monitoring. It is a member of the Juvenile Justice Project and is working in partnership with the government to improve the functioning of juvenile homes and the reception centres which house children below 5 years.  APSA’s role is in looking into systemic changes and helping make the juvenile home staff more child-friendly.  Along with the Centre for Child and Law it is also involved in training Karnataka’s juvenile home staff with skills to handle children.  As part of the juvenile board, it ensures that cases are handled properly.
APSA is a member of the Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL) and is also a member of the Forum for Street and Working Children and the Joint Action Committee for slum-dwellers. It would like to share its resource of teaching aids.

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