Mathruchaya founded in 1961 has a staff of 15 people. Mathruchaya has its own corpus and runs through various other donations.It runs an orphanage for abandoned children from birth to 5 years. The children are either placed there by the parents, or sent by other organizations that know about Mathruchhaya, e.g. Makkala Sahaya Vani. Mathruchhaya accepts only children that are to be put up for adoption, not children whose families cannot take care of them. They try to find other solutions to children's situations, saying that institutionalization should be the last resort. While finding parents for the orphaned children, they try to look for Indian parents, sending children overseas only if suitable families cannot be found in India. Prior to adoption, the orphans staying with them are given food, shelter and can use the local playhome for employees' children. On an average, 5-7 adoptable children are at Mathruchhaya at a time.
Mathruchhaya also does counseling as the need arises, preparing both the concerned children and parents for adoption, as well counseling post-adoption if necessary. This informal counseling extends to local people who come to the society with problems.

Past activities: Earlier the shelter Mathruchhaya ran took in other abandoned or disadvantaged children as well as orphans, and children that could not be adopted. They would keep these children as long as need be, eventually sending them to foster homes, government homes, or sponsoring their studies while sending them back home. However now they feel there are enough organizations working with children and so they are focusing on other programs.

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