Mithra Foundation founded in 1992 is a trust with a staff of 15 people. Mithra Foundation runs an https://www.yourcanadianmeds.com/ early cognitive stimulation program for children from the age of 4-6 years. They noticed that slum children don’t have the advantages of middle class children of the same age in gaining basic preschool skills, partly because their parents are illiterate, and partly because they are too busy to spend time with them. They felt the need to impart such skills to the children before they join a primary school. This program is supported by a group of donors.

In this program, the local children are given training in language and motor skills, along with activities for their social and emotional development, as well as given a daily meal. Mr. Rosario, who has a Ph.D. in cognitive development, has trained the teachers and developed the activities.

The Foundation has 10 centers with a total of 15 teachers spread throughout northeastern Bangalore, around Banaswadi. Each centre has not more than 20 children, and operates between 9 and 12 everyday. In the evenings, these centers double as supplementary tuition classes for local primary school children.

Mithra Foundation also organizes monthly health camps for all their children, both preschool and primary school. Pranav Hospital, which is close by, does the check-ups and gives vaccinations and different medicines at a concession. Volunteers are always welcome to help the foundation for such activities.

Training:  They give MSW (Masters in Social Work) students training in working with children.

Resources they can share: Mithra Foundation has brought out book on learning disabilities for teachers.

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