Sutradhar has taken up action research projects, field surveys, and documentation efforts to generate information and insights that would be useful to educators and caregivers. These have emerged as reports, manuals and books.

‘Improving government schools: what has been tried and what works’, 2002-05

Government schools are the largest provider of services for children in our country. Across India, a handful of committed groups work at improving government schools, in order to demonstrate enduring and systemic change. Many of these efforts have not been well documented. The book captures 23 such efforts to learn from their strategies, successes and challenges, and be inspired.

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‘The young child in Karnataka – A status report’, 2002-03

In 2003, Sutradhar and FORCES compiled a status report on the young child in Karnataka. The report synthesised and analysed information in eight thematic areas: demographics, sex selection, maternity entitlements, crèches, anganwadis, preschool education, health and nutrition, and disability. The report looked at national and state laws, policies and programmes; problems of access and delivery; and outcomes as reflected in indicators. It helped identify areas of concern and action in each of the thematic areas.

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Copies of the report are available at Sutradhar.

‘A study of anganwadis in Bangalore’, 2001-02

Sutradhar initiated the Karnataka chapter of FORCES, a national advocacy network for the young child, in 2001. In 2002, 11 network members undertook a field survey of 37 anganwadis in Bangalore urban and rural. The Department of Women and Child Development through the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme) runs anganwadis to serve young, underprivileged children. The ICDS is a huge scheme with a large budget and the potential for great impact. The study undertaken by Karnataka FORCES brought up ground level realities as well as issues for advocacy and action for members individually and collectively.

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