Rhythm Divine : Angela Richter's eurhythmics workshop, Aug 2009

Feather, stone, rope, ball, paint, plastic cover, sand paper, Chinese stick, coloured cloth, poems, songs, stories, simple musical instruments like little drums, xylophones, cymbals, bells, a mixed bag of material ranging from simple to specific, adapted to teach the very fundamental concepts and skills to children – Eurhythmics it is in a word. A two-day workshop on 21st and 22nd August 2009, organised by Sutradhar, a non-profit educational resource centre and conducted by Angela Richter Cariappa, elaborated to the participants, the what, why and how of Eurhythmics.
promise’ between three and ten are a time of rapid development of social, linguistic, cognitive and physical competencies. The brain is the ultimate example of the saying 'use it or lose it.' At the same time, under conditions of high stress, the brain goes into ‘survival mode’ and higher-order thinking is impeded. Therefore it becomes crucial to give the child age appropriate knowledge.

'In a classroom it is the learning that is important and not teaching. The focus should shift from how a teacher can manage to how a child can manage,' says Angela Cariappa-Richter, a trainer in Early Childhood Education (ECE) working with teachers for the past several years. With optimum energy level, no power-point presentations and explanations, Angela kept the participants engaged with activities and quick discussions on the respective objectives. The enthusiasm and cooperation of the participants was maintained throughout the two days. Angela also insists that teachers need to be technically sound with the approach, the jargon and the objectives. She compares Eurhythmics to a salad with a recipe.

Sutradhar arose from the experiences of its founder Mandira Kumar, in 1995. 'It aims at bringing together a variety of learning resources and books under one roof,' says Kamakshy, director, programmes. The Sutradhar shop in Indiranagar has over 1500 teaching aids and also runs a resource library. Sutradhar conducts up to 5 teacher-training workshops annually, organises Open forums and Open houses as well as holds exhibitions to reach out to teachers, special educators and parents.

Kumudha Bharathram

The Hindu ( Metro Plus) Sep 09, 2009